Astra + S
Astra + S

Astra + S

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  • The new Astra + is the Next Generation Astra Series:Depth Vision

Product Description

The Astra + is Orbbec’s latest 3D depth perception solution and the successor to our successful Astra Series . Using structured light and image processing, Astra + computes a 3D image of the observed environment in real-time. Astra + provides accurate 3D perception even under difficult conditions, such as short range measurements and overlapping ranges.

The Astra + offers high resolution, precision via Orbbec’s innovative sensor technology, plus powerful features at an attractive price, making the Astra + premier in the market.

  • Outstanding 3D imaging with the latest Orbbec sensor technology
  • Precise, almost millimeter-accurate optical measurement using structured light
  • Real-time streaming of pre-processed 3D point clouds and 2D intensity images
  • Easy system integration with its compact design