Astra S
Astra S

Astra S

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  • Supports:Windows 7 and above; Linux; Android

Product Description
The Astra Series was designed to further improve on the attributes that set Orbbec 3D cameras apart from existing 3D cameras on the market. Astra 3D cameras provide computer vision that enables dozens of functions such as face recognition, gesture recognition, human body tracking, three-dimensional measurement, environment perception, and three-dimensional map reconstruction.

Orbbec Astra shares the same appearance, size, and weight as Orbbec Astra S. The difference is that Astra is optimized for long-range use cases, which makes it great for interactive systems, entertainment, retail, and robotics. Astra was developed to be highly compatible with existing OpenNI applications making both the Astra and Astra S ideal cameras for pre-existing apps that were built with OpenNI. 

           3D Scanning                         Retail                             Automation                        Healthcare                      Robot Vision              Smart Home/Building